Four Reasons Why Boxing Should Be Your Go-To Workout

If you would like to get a good workout in then boxing is perfect for you. It is one of my favorite workouts to do and one that really helped me lose weight.  I had a day off from work yesterday, so I decided to head back to Alabang to visit my old “second home”, Ringside Fitness. I’ve been boxing in Ringside gym since 2008 and I consider my trainers there like family already (Hi Obet! Hi Ruther!)


An Island of Ruins: Fortune Island

Jel ( my co-Nuffie ) and I had the opportunity to spend our Tuesday away from the city. One of our campaigns for work had an out of town shoot for brand. We of course had to accompany our influencer. This is the first beach shoot out of the three different beaches we will be going to for the week. Exhausting but also exciting! ( Can’t wait to blog about those trips too! )


Redefining the Past: The Journey To Finding Myself

Looking back on my younger days, I wish I did not spend so much time caring about the way I looked. I was miserable and not confident with myself. I was teased about my weight and I was the butt of all jokes. That’s why growing up, I had to put up this facade that I was a tough person even though on the inside every comment and every cruel thing a person told me stuck with me.