As I’ve said in a previous blog post, Every year I gain weight lose weight then gain it back again. Here I am AGAIN at the gaining weight phase of my life. I blame it on my body getting used to doing the same workouts in the gym all the time.  My usual workout is an  Elliptical – Treadmill – Weights routine.


I realized in order for me to be successful with my fitness goals, I need to change things up once in a while so that my body doesn’t get used to it and so that I don’t plateau. I must also remember that there are no shortcuts to healthy living as it is indeed a lifestyle. I’ve decided to challenge myself to lose the weight again. Luckily while I was in the process of researching for new workouts to do, I was contacted by BodyBoss to do a collaboration with them. Clearly my everyday gym routine was no longer working for me so I was really looking forward to trying something new.


What is The BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide?



The BodyBoss Method is a 12-week workout program that uses the HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) approach. You can opt to get a print out version of the guide or an online version. The 12-Week Fitness book comes with a bonus 4 Week Pre-Training Program to help your body improve your strength and cardio before tackling into the main program.



What’s great about the BodyBoss method is that each training circuit combines bodyweight resistance with plyometrics and unilateral exercises. Each page shows a set of workouts you can do per day, with graphics to show you how to do it properly. HIIT workouts are known to be very beneficial as this kind of training keeps your heart rate up and helps you burn a lot more fat in less amount of time.



My Thoughts on the 12 Week BodyBoss Workout


I see myself doing this workout longterm. The constant rotation of various exercises will help challenge myself and not keep the workouts boring. What I like most about the BodyBoss workout is that you’ll continue to burn calories hours after. This is also known as the  #BossEffect. Throughout the day, you can expect to burn about 100 calories or more after your workout!


My  first week in I was already feeling very sore.  The workouts look pretty easy at first glance, but my goodness when you are trying it out it is super exhausting!!! I did not let that stop me though, I challenged myself everyday and slowly I improved my strength! It gets really exciting to see what you can achieve if you work hard for it and believe in yourself.


Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated to HIIT workouts while Tuesdays are for light exercise ( swimming, yoga, going for a walk, light bike ride). Thursdays are for cardio and Fridays are for full body workouts! I really lke that there is variety and how there are rotations with the workouts so my body won’t get used to it.

The BodyBoss Method is formulated with 4 cycles of 3 weeks. Each Cycle is designed to life the performance of the muscles and the difficulty and intensity of the workouts gradually increase as well.  The 24 Minute workouts are divided into 10 minutes for warming up ( this is very crucial as to avoid injuries ) and the 14 minutes are for two rounds of 7 minute HIIT Circuit Workouts. There is an additional 6 minutes rest in between the circuit and the warmup and a 10 minute cool down after.

It has been three weeks in and I do highly recommend The BodyBoss Method. The guide is pretty simple to follow and what’s great about this kind of workout is you can do it anytime and anywhere! I feel myself getting stronger and more confident with my form. Initially, I would stumble with some of the workouts but if I felt like I was doing a workout wrong I would simply search on Youtube the proper way to do it or refer to the glossary at the last page in the guide book! It is really exciting to see what your body can do if you push yourself to do it! Another review soon once I’ve completed the 12 week workout!

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* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own *